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May/June 2013

Volume 3,

Issue 1

In this issue
Research and Best Practice

Hanne Tønnesen

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Can hospitals and health services do more for public health?
Impact of a pedometer-based physical activity challenge on behavioral, bio-medical, anthropometric and psychological outcomes in hospital employees: An interventional study

Charles Sounan, Melanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Kara Martin, Julie Trudel, Geneviève Lavigne, Ilka Lowensteyn, Steven A Grover

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Efficacy of a pain therapy protocol following gynaecological surgery

Chiara Borghi, Ruby Martinello, Teresa Matarazzo, Paola Caponcelli, Giannemilio Furicchia, Roberto Zoppellari, Alfredo Patella

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Influence of acute alcohol intoxication on certain immune reactions

Hanne Tønnesen, Nina Sass, Karin Hoborg Juhl, Hans Jørgen Nielsen

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Christina Dietscher

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