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December, 2018

Volume 8,

Issue 1

In this issue
Accelerate the implementation of evidence-based health promotion in healthcare
Determining the Feasibility of Incorporating a Bullying Involvement Screening into Pediatric Office Visits

Allison Messina, Diana Schroeder, Shiryl Barto, Karla Joyce-Good

Very Integrated Project (VIP): Smoking and other lifestyles, co-morbidity and quality of life in patients undertaking treatment for alcohol and drug addiction in Sweden

Hovhannisyan K, Adami J, Wikstrom MM, Tonnesen H

Standards for Children and Adolescents’ health promotion in Hospitals: The Task Force HPH-CA experience

Ilaria Simonelli, Raquel Mullen, Giulio Fornero, Arian Tarbal Roquer, Lagle Suurorg, Dora Scheiber, Domenico Tangolo, Emanuele Torri

10 abstracts from the 26th International HPH Conference in Bologna (June 6-8, 2018) have been selected for publication. The abstract shows a varity of scientific content.

Update on member status, the new HPH Governance Board and the 27th Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals and HEalth Services in Warsaw on May 29-31, 2018.

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