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October 2015

Volume 5,

Issue 2

In this issue
Research and Best Practice
 Smoking and mental ilness
Alcohol, Drugs, and Smoking amongst Psychologists: Differential contributions of Big Five personality traits, Sources of Meaning, and Self-efficacy 

Tatjana Schnell and Henning Krampe

Smoking cessation in pregnancy: An observational study

Pauline Kent, Mette Jensen, Rachel Reilly, Amy McGowan, Leanne Dineen, 
John Williams

Participants and Non-participants in the Scand-Ankle Study - An alcohol cessation intervention at the time of fracture surgery 

Marianne Aalykke, Erika Wernheden, Bolette Pedersen, Julie WM Egholm, Bjørn L Madsen, Jes B Lauritzen, Hanne Tønnesen

New PHD Thesis on Clinical HP: Tobacco and Vascular Surgery

Mette Kehlet

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