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Research and Best Practice
Pregnant smokers: Room for improvement
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Barriers to treatment adherence among Stroke Survivors attending outpatient physiotherapy clinics in North-western Nigeria 

Omoyemi O Ogwumike, Umaru M Badaru, Ade F Adeniyi


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Integration of health promotion in clinical hospital departments: standards fulfilment, documentation of needs and service delivery 

Jeff K Svane, Shu-Ti Chiou, Yuh-Lin Chang, Shu-Hua Shen, Chun-Hsiung Huang, Chui-Yi Pan, Ming-Nan Lin, Ying-Hua Shieh, Tuoh Wu, Shu-Chuan Wu, Tang-Tat Chau, Ling-Yu Hung, Yuen-Yee Kan, Chung-Jing Wang, Rey-Yue Yuan, Hui-I Yu, Ying-Hsiang Chuo, Miauh-Shin Chen, Hong-Ting Chan, Yu-Lan Chou, Di Pei, Nai-Phon Wang, TsungChang Tsai, Hung-Chi Wu, Hanne Tønnesen

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Outcome of information and coping skills training for relatives of drug abusers: A randomised controlled study 

Ulla Zetterlind , Susanna Kovac

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Hanne Tønnesen, Luke Clancy, Paul Aveyard, Hans Gilljam, Matz Larsson, Mette Rasmussen, Johanna Adami, Peter Friberg, Göran Boëthius on behalf of the participants.

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April, 2014 

Volume 4,

Issue 1

In this issue
Research and Best Practice
Clinical Treatment + Clinical Health Promotion = Better Treatment Results Immediately

Hanne Tønnesen

Screening for depression, anxiety, and general psychological distress in pre-operative surgical patients: A psychometric analysis of the Patient Health Questionnaire 4 (PHQ-4)

Léonie F. Kerper, Claudia D. Spies, Janina Tillinger, Karl Wegscheider, Anna-Lena Salz, Edith Weiss-Gerlach, Tim Neumann, Henning Krampe

Clinical Health Promotion in the Czech Republic: Standards Compliance and Service Provision

Jeff K Svane, Beata Raisova, Zbynek Stanecka, Zdenek Dolezel, Michael Richter, Jirina Cahlikova, Marie Vlachova, Martina Opocenska, Hanne Tønnesen

Hospital employees’ experience with a Pedometer challenge in a health promoting hospital

Charles Sounan, Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay, Genevieve Lavigne, Kara Martin, Guylaine Cyr

New PHD Theses on Clinical HP: 
Scand-Ankle: Cost-effectiveness of Alcohol Cessation Intervention in Acute Fracture Surgery

Bolette Pedersen

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