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December, 2012

Volume 2,

Issue 3

In this issue
Research and Best Practice
Where can I get the best help to quit smoking?

Hanne Tønnesen

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Nicotine lozenges to promote brief preoperative abstinence from smoking: pilot study

David O. Warner & Sandeep Kadimpat

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Reduced wound healing capacity in alcohol abusers – reversibility after withdrawal

Hanne Tønnesen, Susanne Pedersen, Michael Lavrsen, Jon Ivar Tuxøe, Christian Frøkjær Thomsen

Full text
The influence of Antonovsky’s sense of coherence on admission and psychosocial functioning

Walter Gassmann, Hartmut Berger & Oliver Christ

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Nermin Ghith, Anne Birgitte Ammari, Mette Rasmussen, Anne Frølich, Katy Cooper, Hanne Tønnesen

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