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December, 2011

Volume 1,

Issue 2

In this issue
Research and Best Practice
Clinical Health Promotion – what does it mean?

Hanne Tønnesen

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Bridging Intervention in Anaesthesiology: First results on treatment need, demand and utilization of an innovative psychotherapy program for surgical patients

Léonie F. Lange, Claudia D. Spies, Edith Weiß-Gerlach, Tim Neumann, Anna-Lena Salz, Sascha Tafelski, Jakob Hein, Nina Seiferth, Andreas Heinz, Heide Glaesmer, Elmar Brähler, Henning Krampe

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Do alcohol-attributable diagnoses reflect current hazardous drinking patterns in Norwegian hospital patients?

Kristian Oppedal, Bolette Pedersen, Jan Tore Daltveit, Lynn Merethe Oppedal, Sverre Nesvåg

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Review: Does the amount of physical ex- ercise before arthroplasty influence the postoperative outcome?

Per Rotbøll Nielsen, Hanne Tønnesen

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