May, 2019

Volume 9,

Issue 2

In this issue
Comparing  community clients of  different dietary pattern on their health indicators at a vegetarian festival in Hong Kong

Chuk P, Tsai A, Siu A

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Will it be Easier to Diagnose Alcohol Dependency in the Future?

Hanne Tønnesen

Comments on New Research on Clinical Health Promotion

Comments by Jürgen Pelikan and Charlotta Holm Pisinger

Come & Quit: A new flexible Intensive Smoking Cessation Intervention Programme

Rasmussen M, Kaas M, Helldén SM, Kjær NT, Tønnesen H

Welcome to the new international HPH Secretariat in Hamburg, Germany

Presentations on Health Promotion from around the world

- The 27th International HPH Conference took place May 29-31 in Warsaw, Poland.

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