Health Promoting Hospitals and Health Services Development and Achievements in Taiwan

Supplement by the Health Promotion Administration, Taiwan

Volume 9,

Supplementum 2

May, 2019

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The Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan and the Editorial Office of Clinical Health Promotion collaborate to publish this special issue titled “HPH Development and Achievements in Taiwan”, to consolidate the diversified results of the flourishing development in each of the health-promoting
issues after the HPH certification was introduced.

There are a total of 15 articles covering topics such as prevention and control of cigarette smoking, age-friendly environment, healthy workplace, climate-smart, health literacy.

Through this specific issue, we wish to exchange knowledge and experience with medical institutions and policy makers from other parts of the world.

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In this Supplementum

Chia-Chen Lin, Jin-Ding Lin, Hui-Ting Huang, Ying-Wei Wang

Cai Ru Connie Gan, Cordia Ming-Yeuk Chu, Hong-Fang Song

Wei-Hsin Huang, Betty Chia-Chen Chang, Shu-Chen Lee, Li-Jen Liang, Nai-Fang Hu, Yu-Hua Chen, Lee-Ching Hwang

Ling-Yu Hung, Chin-Ru Chuang, Po-Yi Ching, Su-Hua Shen, Mei-Wen Lin, Shu-Chuan Yu, Ching-Wen Hsu, Pei-Li Chang, Chi-Chun Chou

Mi-Hsiu Wei, Mei-Chuan Chang, Jyg-Gang Hsieh, Jürgen M. Pelikan, Ying-Wei Wang

Chiachi Bonnie Lee, Ying-Wei Wang, Jin-Ding Lin, Hsi-Lung Hung

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