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Abstract Book 2018
26th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services
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May, 2018

Volume 8,

Supplementum 1


In 2018, the 26th annual International Conference on Health

Promoting Hospitals and Health Services (International HPH

Conference) is hosted by the HPH Network of Emilia-Romagna

and will take place in the Bologna Conference center.


The title and focus of the conference will be “Health promotion

strategies to achieve reorientation of health services: evidencebased

policies and practices".


Reorienting health services towards the promotion of health is

an ambition outlined already in 1986 in the Ottawa Charter, but

which has only been realized to a limited degree so far. Therefore,

the conference in the year 2018 intends to show and

reflect the contribution of health promotion strategies in pursuing

the goal of reorienting health services. Key elements with a

scope ranging from policies and large scale transformations to

direct interaction with users and communities will be presented

and discussed.

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