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Implementation of physical activity in health care - facilitators and barriers
Supplement by the HPH Task Force on Health Enhancing Physical Activity in Hospitals and Health Services
Kettlebell Workout

December, 2016

Volume 6,

Supplementum 2


Physical activity is a natural part of the international HPH Network’ focus on improving health gains. It has an immediate effect on treatment results for a wide range of patient groups, including surgical patients, patients with non-communicable diseases and mental disorders. In addition, physical activity also has many positive effects in preventing a wide range of diseases and conditions.

The collection of articles in this supplement is aimed at health care personell, administrators and policymakers, who work in the field of implementation of physical activity in health care settings, including hospitals. The focus is on facilitators and barriers, from experts in the field, sharing their experience and giving good examples, with the aim of improving the implementation of physical activity in this context.

In this Supplementum
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