Abstract Book 2012
The 20th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospitals & Health Services
Taipei, Taiwan | 11-13 April, 2012
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April, 2012

Volume 2,

Supplementum 1




The 20th International Conference on Health Promoting Hospi‐ tals and Health Services (HPH) will be special for at least two reasons. First, with its location in Taipei, Taiwan, it will be the first ever HPH conference outside Europe and, by that, will set a clear landmark for the globalization of the HPH network which is now active in all continents. Second, with the 20th confer‐ ence on HPH, time has come to look back on what HPH origi‐ nally set out to do, what the network has achieved so far, and what challenges and changes for the future lie ahead.

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